Usually when I talk to my kids its to share time. Plan trips. Play Mario Kart or trade pokemon. But occasionally my kids come to me for advice. There is only one subject I am qualified to advise them on. An area where I still search and fail miserably. It is something incredibly basic, and yet so difficult because of the way our minds are wired. How do I make my the pain stop when I do something uncomfortable? How can I get through a Walmart trip without becoming totally drained? How do I know when something is right? Am I the only one in the world that feels like this? Why are people comfortable living in the grey area? How can they ignore this.....thing????

And don't forget the all favorite, is it weird when I find wisdom in nerdom?



02/25/2016 1:18pm

The thing is games and such thing like Pokemon trading is the stuff which brings you close to the children. One must think about it,

03/11/2016 4:28am

Sometimes dreams are better than reality. Dreams allow us to do anything which I love to do and have to do.


Moments of the life that are not planned and schemed, it is hard for the survival and living of the pleasure some conditions it is important and utilized for the benefits and all kinds. It is reformed and attracted and prone for the beauty and glory of the life.

12/05/2016 4:44am

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